Latest Roulette News

In the world out there today, there is so much going on. And this is true in the workplace, at home with the kids, and in the gaming world. Each day something new and exciting is taking place in the gaming world and the Latest Roulette News is important to be part of. Certainly, you can just keep playing your roulette games and enjoying them, but being part of the roulette online news allows players to be closer to the game and to changes that might occur in the game. So hang on to your hat and get ready to hear about some of the Canadian roulette casino news and the latest roulette news from other places as well.

Key Bet Roulette

Key Bet Roulette has become an exciting place to be. The game can be found with more than one name but many players don’t understand how to be with these games. Here are some facts about the Latest Roulette News in this arena. The Key Bet Roulette wheel is the same as the European roulette game but with one difference. Before spinning, the player is invited to place a £1 ante bet in addition to the regular roulette bet. This will qualify you for a win if the ball lands in the extra yellow slot thatg appears on the Key Bet Roulette wheel. If you make that ante bet and the ball then lands in the yellow, you’ll see a second wheel that will spin and then you’ll win whatever is in the place that lands where the yellow slot is. It’s a very exciting form of roulette and is part of the interesting roulette online news.

Live Dealer Games

Today, one of the more exciting parts of the Latest Roulette News is the rise in live dealer games. Players around the world are enjoying that there is a live dealer rather than a computerized wheel. Some people get frustrated, however, because they live dealer game tends to take longer than other games. For this reason, they have been using the auto wheels. These are real roulette wheels that work without the croupier. They are typically made by Slingshot Ltd. and they have a compressed air system that makes the ball go around the track. When the ball lands, something inside the wheel then catapults it up to a track where it spins again. This is one of those interesting Canadian roulette casino news pieces that will keep players having fun and interested.

A Little Physics

While this isn’t the Latest Roulette News, it’s still worth mentioning that a number of years ago a paper was written in the journal Chaos that shows how a computer program can be used to figure out the expected return of at least 18% in roulette – instead of the typical negative 2.7%. Now that’s a huge difference. This is roulette online news that is certainly worth paying attention to and knowing about. The lead author was Mathematics Professor Michael Small of the University of Western Australia. Small explains that if you know where the ball starts bouncing and which deflector it hits, you’ll be able to narrow down which of the 36 squares in European roulette it will come to. While people have been trying to make predictions about roulette for years and years, this is the first report that truly shows how a method of this sort can work. Small and his colleague Dr. Chi Kong Tse of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University developed a model that explains the motion of the roulette wheel and the ball. With simple physics, if you know where the ball starts, what its velocity is and a few other things, you can narrow down where it will land in a ballpark way. Obviously, no phone app is being developed yet for this, as the casino world would go crazy if it were, but it’s certainly worth looking into and finding out more about.

This is some of the Canadian roulette casino news that is out there today and that is rocking the casino world. Enjoy roulette whether you research into it and hear about the Latest Roulette News or not, and have a great time next time that you play.